Gananoque's Climate is Ideal

In 2009 one of our guests, Mark Hanok, a New York meteorologist, explained over breakfast the why Gananoque's micro-climate is ideal: cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We have reproduced his explanation here...


Gananoque is situated on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. The northeast shore of Lake Ontario is to the southwest. This is an ideal location in all seasons. During the summer, a southwest wind usually brings the warmest weather. Water warms and cools at a slower rate than the land. Lake Ontario waters are typically cooler than the land on a summer day. A southwest wind in Gananoque blows across the full length of Lake Ontario, with a significant cooling effect. That's why the northeast side of the lake is best in the warm weather season.
During late fall and winter the sun is lowest in the sky. At these times of year the sun is in the southern sky. With this low angle sun reflected across Lake Ontario, the northeast side is facing south and southwest and gets the maximum warming effect of the sun on a late autumn or winter afternoon. In addition, the land slopes upward to the north of the St. Lawrence River, so the southerly slope of the land in Gananoque maximizes this warming effect.

Mark Hanok is a meteorologist on WRCR Radio in Rockland County, New York, and a weather columnist for the Town Crier weekly newspaper in Cooperstown, New York. Mark is currently writing a book entitled Middle School Math and Weather Connections, for students in grades six through eight, Mark presents hands-on weather workshops that integrate Earth science and math concepts.

He can be contacted at Tel: (914) 582-5935 Address: P.O. Box 114, Otego, NY 13825

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